About Parichay

A Journey To Meet Yourself

We are eager and curious to learn about the world, about people, about our family and friends and we are also looking for ways to fix it. We want to be understood by people who matter to us. Between both of these, we often forget to learn about ourselves and understand who we are. Or we don't know how to. The challenges that we experience could be symptoms of a deeper psychological cause.

The fundamental value at Parichay is to enable individuals to reach a core understanding of their challenges by getting in touch with their own selves and empower them to be true to themselves in a step by step and practical approach with a strong base in psychological therapies.  Without any labels or judgement, the therapist will help you overcome your challenges by being the guide in your journey to be more of who you are and empower you to shine your light on the world.


For People to be their true and authentic selves


To use tools of psychological therapies to aid individuals on their journey to meet themselves.


Honesty, Integrity, Acceptance, Open-Mindedness, Humor, Trust and Responsibility

licenses & Certifications

Graphology Certification
Life Coaching Certification
Hypnotherapy License
HypnoBirthing License