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"Rebellion is when you look society in the face and say I understand who you want me to be, but I am going to show you who I actually am."

- Anthony Anaxagorou

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ABOUT Parichay

Parichay started with a belief that each of us is a unique individual with immense promise to shine our light on the world. However, due to various factors and reasons we often drift away and lose touch with ourselves. Many psychological concerns arise from this disconnection with our authentic selves. This is when our journey back home begins but we often don't know the way back. With the intention of being a guide for people on this journey to meet themselves, I offer various psychological services.

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Our Services

  • Identify and eliminate your concerns from the root cause

    1 hr 30 min

    1,000 Indian rupees
  • Understanding and Changing your Sub-Conscious through Handwriting

    1 hr

    1,200 Indian rupees
  • Application of Positive Psychology

    1 hr

    1,000 Indian rupees


Female, 50, Homemaker


I underwent around 5 to 6 sessions of hypnotherapy. I considered this therapy for my body aches and stress. Initially it was a new technique to adapt for relaxation as it progressed, after getting a hang of it I started to feel better. I also feel self-equipped to help myself get out of stressful situation.

Benedicte, 41, Yoga Teacher


I approached Keya with a major procrastination issue which caused lethargy and low energy level.. Starting the therapy with Keya was really helpful and allow me to gain new perspectives. 


Keya was a wonderful therapist, guiding me to understand what was going on beneath the surface and guiding me into deeper exploration of my psyche. Thanks to her, I am now more focused and driven. 


I am really grateful for her time, energy, expertise and patience. 


I thank you Keya for the sessions and the value it added to my life and for how it has improved my relationship with myself. I would definitely recommend Keya as a trusted therapist

Deepali, 49, Researcher


When I met Keya, I was undergoing psychiatric treatment for depression and stress.Though the treatment had taken care of my more severe panic attacks (that required hospitalization), I was still afflicted by pychosomatic symptoms like headaches, minor panic attacks, nausea, loose motions, and other body pain, off and on.


My first session with Keya introduced me to my subconscious- how it was affecting me and how I was ignoring it. Meeting with Keya was one of the best things to happen in my life. The sessions with Keya helped me deal with my depression, stress, and pains. Not only this, Keya also directed me on how to tackle my day-to-day stress independently. 


Recommended Readings

There is absolutely no exaggeration when I say 'Brain Weiss and this book is the reason I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist today'. He is the one who introduced me to the world of Hypnotherapy and his ideas and lessons made a huge impact on my very young and impressionable mind.

This book breaks all the cliches associated with 'Success Principles'. Jack Canfield sits in conversation with the reader and asks questions which lead to the unveiling of the goals, potentials as well as the blocks on the road to success. 


I love everything about this book. From the style of writing, to his idea, to his honesty, everything! The core idea of picking your battles has never made more sense. This is a book that everybody should read at least once. 



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