Drishti, 22, Student


When we started, you made me write a list of things that I wanted you to help me with and the way I wanted to feel after you helped me. And in our last session you gave me the list and asked me if you missed anything or that I didn't feel the way I wanted to, looking at that list made me realise that because of you I felt happy and better than I did before.


You were so patient with me, you listened to me, whatever I had to say, you are so polite, you were so good to me, you made me open up to you, gave me solutions. After every session I felt a bit lighter. You never made me feel uncomfortable and I am so thankful for that. I am still working on myself and my happiness and I am not giving up on myself, and that is all because of you Keya. Thank you!

Hiral, 49, Ex-Banker


When I came to you for therapy I was a different person altogether. I had a feeling of heaviness, lethargy which I feel I started sensing since 2016 and since has only been increasing. I was once very active and healthy but since last three years I wasn't feeling myself. My siblings started telling me that I behave like my father. This made me observe myself consciously and I realised that I had started doing things like him. I had also started developing negative feelings for certain people with whom my father had issues while I actually had no issues. I would feel drained out very easily and needed to take rest very frequently. 

Post therapy with you I feel like a new person. I feel lighter and I also have people telling me that I look fresher and slimmer. I haven't had a single negative imaginary conversation with a certain set of people that I used to have earlier. I feel energetic and don't feel the need to take frequent naps. I feel more confident and free. I feel myself. 

I really appreciate what you have done for me and would like to sincerely thank you.

Hreedan, 7, Student


I consulted Keya for my son's bed wetting problem. After the sessions, he has stopped bed wetting completely. 

During the sessions, each time I saw my son was happy as he could pour out his inner feelings and experiences he had. I think nobody can make a child talk unless he or she wishes to say it by them self. During these sessions my son started liking it as he could tell his concerns without being hesitant and knowing this will not be shared with anyone.  With this my son also started sharing certain things with me which he used to not share at times. 

I think Keya is a very settled and calm girl who understand every bit of  it and hears with patience which is the key to anything. I had a wonderful experience with her. 

The effects what I could feel were amazing as  I could actually find the change for which I started the sessions.  

I am extremely happy with Keya and her job. Thanks a lot for your time  and listening to us with all the patience.


Female, 50, Homemaker


I underwent around 5 to 6 sessions of hypnotherapy. I considered this therapy for my body aches and stress. Initially it was a new technique to adapt for relaxation as it progressed, after getting a hang of it I started to feel better. I also feel self-equipped to help myself get out of stressful situation. 

Benedicte, 41, Yoga Teacher


I approached Keya with a major procrastination issue which caused lethargy and low energy level. Starting the therapy with Keya was really helpful and allow me to gain new perspectives. 

Keya was a wonderful therapist, guiding me to understand what was going on beneath the surface and guiding me into deeper exploration of my psyche. Thanks to her, I am now more focused and driven.

I am really grateful for her time, energy, expertise and patience.

I thank you Keya for the sessions and the value it added to my life and for how it has improved my relationship with myself. I would definitely recommend Keya as a trusted therapist

Female, 49, Researcher


When I met Keya, I was undergoing psychiatric treatment for depression and stress. Though the treatment had taken care of my more severe panic attacks (that required hospitalization), I was still afflicted by psychosomatic symptoms like headache, minor panic attacks, nausea, loose motions, and other body pain, off and on.


My first session with Keya introduced me to my subconscious - how it was affecting me and how I was ignoring it. Meeting with Keya was one of the best things to happen in my life. the sessions with Keya helped me deal with my depression, stress, and pains. Not only this, Keya also directed me on how to tackle my day-to-day stress independently. 

Male, 24, Engineer


I had started hypnotherapy sessions with her after getting a clear understanding of what it entails and she explained the process very patiently and answered all my doubts. Since the sessions, I have started feeling better about myself.


There is a positive change in the way I communicate with my family. This has also been noticed and pointed out to me by my colleagues. I am calmer at work and have better clarity while taking decisions. I no longer get the urge to gamble in any way. I have been able to spend my alone time more productively. I would highly recommend the hypnotherapy sessions with Keya Sampat.

Dr. Sachin Rathod, 26, Founder at Kikstartz


Keya was the first person who recognized my issues, understand them and helped me to overcome that. I can see the benefits in my day to day life. She is very calm, down to earth, say-it-like-it approach. Highly recommended.

Shreya, 24, Student


In 2017 I started getting panic attacks and had anxiety which I couldn't control. First I was not so sure about the sessions because I tried various ways to get out of panic attacks like take medicines( homeopathy) and do yoga which helped me a little but never could figure out from where the triggers are happening.


I met Keya Sampat and as a therapist she was kind and friendly and also very understanding. The sessions conducted by her helped me to understand what triggered my anxiety and what needs to be done when panic/ anxiety triggers. After the sessions I was able to cope up with my studies which I couldn't before the sessions. My anxiety / panic attacks are almost close to 0. I also gained confidence and self esteem during sessions which helped me in the decision makings . Overall the experience helped me tremendously.

Ashni, 23, Entrepreneur

Mt. Abu

When I first met Keya, I was not sure if I could find peace with my past. But she helped me heal it and also how to deal with it. It was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. Since then I have had many changes in the way I see my life. 

The sessions with Keya were a very different experience as I had never heard about hypnotherapy earlier. It was interesting to see that I had repressed so many memories which were now causing problems to me. After the sessions I say almost instant results as I was very confident when I met a friend from school on the same day. I did not hesitate as I would have earlier. Because of the therapy I could decide which option I had to select. I am happy and confident about myself now. All thanks to Keya for making it possible.

Charul, 47, Business Co-ordinator


It has been wonderful doing a few Graphology sessions with you during the present lockdown state. Writing concept is diminishing due to the advances in digital technology. 

During the session, your questionnaire made me realize my behavioural patterns and how to bring positive change by doing slight changes in my handwriting.

You were able to guide me through this and the change is inevitable. Keya, you are a thorough professional. You were able to keep me comfortable with your smile and gesture and at the same time convince me on what can prove better for me. I wish you great success and hope to see you again soon in the future.

Mansi, 22, Student


Being a Psychology student myself, I had read about the significance of graphology, though, in a limited capacity, however, its benefits came in handy for a long distance help provided by Keya. Being in different cities, that was the only way I could receive guidance regarding some necessary changes, required to increase my productivity.

Our handwriting is such basic part of our being, and yet most of it is unconscious. Having learnt that our personalitites are majorly dominated by the unknown self, graphology, helped me look deep within, to improve the wiring. Keya's analysis was absolutely on point, about my existing traits. After asking my hindrances, she suggested some minor changes in my alphabets, whose results, started showing up after three weeks. It did take mental effort to enforce these modifications, however, it was worth it. Who knew, that our temper issues lie in our Ts and our achievements on Hs. But I guess, that is the mystery we all must solve, because anything that helps us grow and get into the better versions of ourselves, is at least worth a small try. 

Thanks to Keya's love for the subject, her compassionate soul and accepting, non judgemental approach, made it really easy to accept my flaws, encouraging me further to work on them with her support. 

Yashank, 22, CA


Shoutout to one of the best graphologist out there. The best part about Keya is that she really loves what she does and will be totally involved in what she does. She will provide an in-depth discussion about your traits and qualities and things which you wish to change. Post that you'll get a written prescription of what changes you need to do in your handwriting to achieve that. Totally trustworthy and accurate analysis. Get your handwriting analysed and you'll get the benefits.

Nakshatra Sain, 24, Entrepreneur


Honestly, I met a lot of psychologists in life and I believe to treat patients there is something more that you need than a degree. You need that passion about understanding people and Keya has that passion in abundance. 

When I first met her and she told me about Hypnotherapy , I was instantly psyched to try it out. I used to have so many questions all the time which I never shared with anyone. I just kept struggling to find the answers to those questions but in the first session only we were able to cover most of those questions and I had answers to most of them and I had such clarity towards life  which I never felt before. 

It helped me out a lot in both my professional and personal life. Due to the clarity I could think of more innovative ways to grow myself and work. 

She was very patient with me, even if I asked stupid questions she very carefully listened and answered me. That was the best part. 

With each session, I had more clarity towards my problems and I would recommend everyone to try hypnotherapy once. It's not the conventional process but the most effective one. 

Mehika, 25, IT Professional


Graphology was pretty much an alien word for me. Writing to me was more about how somebody was taught how to, than one in which an individual actually speaks through. From size to strokes, Keya took me through it all. She invested in not only teaching me to write in the way that best suited my goals but patiently explained the implications of everything. From basic procrastination issues , to bigger things like lack of effective communication, Keya’s constructive methods have helped resolve them all for me.
So what are you waiting for! Go ahead, allow yourself to be completely enriched with this experience.


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