Mental Health Care Box

Mental Health Care Box


What's The Idea behind the Mental Health Care Box?

Each of us is a unique individual with immense promise to shine our light on the world. Sometimes, due to various factors and reasons we drift away and lose touch with ourselves. Many psychological concerns arise from this disconnect with our authentic selves.

This Mental Health Care Box is curated with an intention to celebrate your strengths and remind you of who you truly are! 

It's an attempt to make Mental Health Care easily accessible, affordable and fun! Each month will have a new theme. A part of the profits will go to Muse Foundation.


How will this Mental Health Care Box benefit you?

We are all looking for ways to improve the quality of our life. Along with physical and material things, our mental well being is of equal importance. We want to feel happier, more fulfilled, increase our productivity and lead a purpose driven and meaningful life. Using your strengths is one of the most effective ways for achieving that level of mental well being.

Kindness is a human virtue and one of the most prevalent strengths. It includes generosity, nurturance, care, compassion, altruism and niceness.


Studies in positive psychology have shown that people who use their strengths are happier, experience less stress, higher levels of positivity, feel healthier, have more energy, feel more satisfied with their lives. They also have high levels of self esteem and self acceptance. Work satisfaction and meaningful contribution increases along with feelings of authenticity and vitality.


This box is filled with activities and ways to strengthen the virtue of kindness to increase the frequency of being in the 'Flow'.

The 5 activities in the activity sheet are designed to appreciate kindness around us and to use it as a Strength more consciously. You can pick one new activity each day or pick one and practice it for a week.


The self compassion deck is filled with 50 wats to practice kindness towards yourself. Again, you can pick one each day or practice the same one for a week or longer.


Keep expressing your thoughts, emotions and experiences in the journal. Journaling is a therapeutic tool in itself which is extremely effective for self reflection.


The affirmation cards are pocket sized cards that you can carry with you or put them up where they can be seen frequently by you. You can also use these affirmations by writing them 21 times each day or repeating them to yourself while meditating. Pick one for 21 days or consciously implement a new one in your actions and words each day.


The Thank You cards are to be kept on you at all times. The magic of kindness is always unfolding around us. Let's appreciate it by passing the card to a person who showed you kindness and ask them to pass it to the next person they come across who was kind to them. That's how we can weave a thread of kindness all around us!


The candle, the string Art and the t shirt are all a reminder for you to celebrate who you are! So have fun with the box! Spread the Magic, spread the Kindness!


What's In The Box?!

Here's everything in it! Your Mental Health Care Box August 2020
Theme - Kindness Is A Strength 

1. A letter from me to you


2. Commitment card - this is a symbol of the commitment you make to yourself to let your kindness shine through in all aspects of your life, to not hide yourself or underplay your strength


3. Candle with the fragrance of kindness. Its a reminder of all the goodness in this world


4. Activity Sheet - Based on the principles of Positive Psychology as used in Life Coaching, the activity sheet includes 5 activities through which you can consciously use kindness towards yourself and all those around you. These will also help to appreciate the kindness you receive from everyone. It's easy to take kindness for granted so these activities will help to see it's value and build it as a strength. 
Choose one activity to practice for a week or try a new one every day. 


5. Journal to be used as a therapeutic tool for reflection on the experiences of yourself, thoughts and emotions you feel as you do each of the various activities


6.  String art of the universal symbol of kindness. Can be used as a desk piece or a wall hanging


7. Affirmation cards - a deck of 10 cards with fun and easy to use affirmations to develop thought patterns and strengthen the virtue of kindness. Pick one affirmation of the day or practice one that resonates the most with you for 21 days


8. Self Compassion deck - We are kind to everyone and everything around us but when it comes to ourselves we often forget to practice the same. This deck of 50 cards will help to practice kindness towards ourselves in step by step and easy to implement ways. Usually used in a therapy setting, these cards can also be used individually. Pick one every day and give yourself a day to complete the activity. Or pick one for a week or more to develop the habit of kindness towards yourself. 


9. Thank you cards - This set of 10 cards are to show your appreciation and gratefulness for an act of kindness that you receive. So you give this card to someone who was kind to you and ask them to pass it to the next person who shows them Kindness, thus weaving a beautiful thread of kindness everywhere you go. 


10. T-shirt with a rhythm doodle symbolising the flow the kindness 


Box Cover Design - Richa Jain

Theme Comic Strip - Nishta Pati

Candles -

Journal Design - Vallari Mehta
Handmade Journal - Angel Rajguru @lehtrans_by_angel

String Art - Leepi Dedhia

Affirmation Card Designs 
Rachel Johnson - @r.john
Sanika Bhutkar - @artyvibesofficial
Palak Shah - @simpleshuffle
Sahithya - @bluebleue

Thank You Card Designs
Sanika Bhutkar - @artyvibesofficial
Sahithya - @bluebleue

T-shirt Rhythm Doodle 
Vini Garg - @doodl_ini

Tree Free Cotton Paper Boxes 
eKnama - @eknama_

Packaging Boxes - @hummingbirdpackaging 

There are hundreds of invisible hands that made it possible for this box to reach you, so a huge thank you to all of them!


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