Lagom - The Mental Health Care Box - January

Lagom - The Mental Health Care Box - January


Here it is! Lagom - The Mental Health Care Box for January with the theme 'Hope In Action'!


What is Lagom?

Between work and life

Between saving and splurging

Between logic and emotions

Between heart and brain

It's Lagom, just the right balance!

That's the Mental Health Care Box for you!


We are constantly striving to create a balance between the extremes of life and Lagom is exactly that!


What's The Idea behind the Mental Health Care Box?

Each of us is a unique individual with immense promise to shine our light on the world. Sometimes, due to various factors and reasons we drift away and lose touch with ourselves. Many psychological concerns arise from this disconnect with our authentic selves.

This Mental Health Care Box is curated with an intention to celebrate your strengths and remind you of who you truly are! 

It's an attempt to make Mental Health Care easily accessible, affordable and fun! Each month will have a new theme.


Theme of the Month - Hope in Action

Building the skill of Hope is found to be connected with higher levels of fulfillment, meaning and purpose in life. 


How will this box help?
This box is designed according to the principles of positive psychology. It includes therapeutic tools and activities to help you enhance the quality of hopefulness in your life.


What's in the Box?

1) A letter from me to you!


2) A commitment card to promise yourself to be hopeful


3) A planner that is designed for goal setting and productivity and backed by research. 


4) A box of 10 activities based in positive psychology about how to use and develop hope consciously as a strength. 


5) Book - Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. It's a book written by a psychotherapist after his experience in a nazi concentration camp. It lead him to develop logotherapy which focuses on meaning and purpose in life as a therapy modality. 


6) Deck of 10 Affirmation Cards beautifully designed to resonate with every individual. These are pocket sized cards that can be carried easily or put up where they can be seen frequently and practiced everyday. 


7) A QR card which can be scanned for a guided meditation on willpower. It's an important support tool to sustain the hope and motivation. 


8) An exclusive invite for a workshop on goal setting and achievement. This will be an interactive online workshop focusing on using hope in goal setting. 


9) A little surprise!


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