Why Everybody needs therapy

Gone are the days when counseling was reserved for ‘bad children’ or undergoing therapy was for a ‘crazy person’. Thankfully the times are changing and people are becoming more open and comfortable to share about their mental health struggles. ‘My therapist said to me….’ is now a frequently heard phrase without any shame attached to it. All of these are definitely indications that we are moving in the right direction for our Mental Health needs. However, today I want to add another nuance to this discussion. There is no denying that therapy (in any and every form) is extremely effective for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, even psycho-somatic symptoms and other psychological concerns. And that’s exactly where we have restricted the application of therapy. When we hear someone say that they are going to a therapist, the first question we have is ‘What’s wrong?’ And my counter question to that is ‘Why does something need to be wrong?’

Therapy, in essence, is ‘becoming better than what you were yesterday’. So even when you are not essentially ‘struggling’ with any major psychological concerns, you can still undergo therapy to reach your potential. Doesn’t your dentist ask you to come in for regular check-ups and not wait till you develop a nasty toothache? It’s exactly the same with therapy. Why wait for things to go wrong to meet with your therapist? Most of the times we are not even aware of the invisible blocks and fundamental beliefs that are holding us back. There’s always scope to be better and there’s no harm in learning a bit more about yourself and taking a step closer to meet your own potential. Healing is a life long process, so why not start today?

Mental Health Care is a necessity; not an emergency.

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