Love to hate mondays?

It's a Monday. Again. Ugh! Did you wake up with this thought today? Are you dreading the week already? Last week you probably promised yourself you will do better starting Monday. You will make time for your hobby, you will start exercising, you will limit your work hours no matter what. But that #MondayMotivation seems to push out the #MondayBlues only for half a day let alone the entire week.

Let's make this week a little different, shall we? Take a quick check of your energy level right now. Then check your emotions. Are you feeling low? Are you excited? Awake, barely? Happy? Confident? Irritated? Angry? Caffeine boost doesn't count.

The energy level you are at right now is a result of how you are feeling and how you feel is a result of the first thought you had in the morning. 'Aren't the Monday Blues normal? It's only 5 days to the weekend.' No, they are not normal. Waiting for the weekend is not really the best way to get through the week. So how do you change that?

Let's back track a bit. Now ask yourself, what's the energy level you would have liked to be at? To be at that level, how would you want to be feeling after waking up? And what's the thought you would want to wake up with to feel happy / excited / determined / confident or whatever else you choose to feel?

Write that thought down. Right now. Put it up in front of you where you will see it often. Keep reminding yourself of it throughout the day and read it the first thing everyday for this entire week. Keep checking your emotions and energy levels each day of the week and see if there's any difference Yes, that's how powerful your thoughts are!

Happy Monday!

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