1. How many sessions will I need?

An estimate of the number of sessions can be given by the therapist after the first session.

2. Do I need to consult a psychologist? / Do I need psychological therapy?

If you are experiencing lack of confidence, fears, phobias, addictions, anxiety, depression, bed wetting, difficulty in weight management, time management or anger management, therapy helps overcome the obstacles and enable you to lead a meaningful and fulfilled life.

3. Will I be prescribed medicines?

No. The therapist will not prescribe any medication.

4. Which therapy will work best for me?

Some therapies are more effective than others for certain issues. However, the therapist will use an eclectic approach i.e. the best suitable combination for the unique challenges faced by the client.

5. What is the duration of a session?

Typically a session is of 60-90 minutes.

6. What is the fee for the sessions?

7. Will the information shared in the session be confidential?

Yes. Confidentiality is one of the most important values at Parichay. Everything that is shared by the client is kept confidential. The only reasons for breach in confidentiality is if there is a potential threat of harm to the client, therapist or any other person.

8. How often will the sessions be scheduled?

The frequency of the sessions is different depending on the individual and the issues to be resolved. The sessions are scheduled as per mutual convenience of the client and the therapist.